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Our Delightful Way to Make you Happy!

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    We start with dairy from local farms and add in the freshest ingredients.

    Step 1
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    We hand-craft our ice cream in small batches, all in our Creamery, right in store.

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    The rest is up to you. With hand-rolled cones and the freshest, Unlimited Mix-Ins. Direct Your Delicious™.

    Step 3
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Why is “Marble Slab - The Freshest Ice Cream on Earth?”

Marble slab creamery is proud to serve up what is truly the freshest ice cream on earth as a result of implementing the industry’s highest standards of quality.

Every single small batch of our secret super premium ice cream is homemade and free of additives and preservatives. We continuously search the world to find ingredients with the superior quality that we’re famous for – from the tiny country of Madagascar for vanilla beans, to Holland for cocoa, and Sweden for the world’s best dipping chocolate. Not only do we search globally but we look locally as well. For Pakistan, all ingredients and base mixes for our ice cream and ice cream cakes are imported from the US, providing a premium mix which is always fresh, never processed or preserved. All this work goes into making sure our ice cream is the freshest ice cream around. Every morning, after the base mix is thawed, we make our ice cream fresh in store, one delicious batch at a time. The result is ice cream that is smooth, creamy, flavorful and all around Wow!

Everything we make here is fresh! In addition to our super premium homemade ice cream, we hand-roll and freshly bake from scratch our signature waffle cone. We also offer nonfat frozen yogurt treats, smoothies, shakes and malts, sundaes, banana split, ice cream cakes and pies. As for the Mixins, we offer only the freshest fruits, the finest nuts, the sweetest candies and the yummiest cookies around also imported from the US just to satisfy the most sophisticated palettes and the craziest of cravings!

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About Marble Slab

Born in Houston, Texas, in 1983, Marble Slab Creamery introduced the “Frozen Slab” concept to ice cream lovers and changed the simple confection in to the stuff of sugar spun dreams. After three decades of converting millions to the decadent way of eating ice cream Marble Slab is set to bring a cooling relief to Pakistan this summer.

Our product is always fresh, using the best dairy products available and made with tender care for you and your loved ones. With over 30 ice cream flavors to choose from and countless mixin options we at Marble Slab even hand-roll our waffle cones so they are crisp and fresh with options of being dipped in chocolate and nuts for a unique range of flavors and textures each time you visit. Marble Slab ice cream is more than a simple treat; it is a well-deserved indulgence.

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Celebrate your birthday with Marble Slab Ice Cream Cake!

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